board thing

A group of friends once bonded with art, recycling and skateboard culture and got inspired by the potential of processing raw materials commonly regarded as waste. Not many people outside of the culture of skateboarding realize that the life of the skateboards in professional use is quite short (sometimes it might only be a few weeks). Every day, thousands of skaters in Europe produce large quantities of wood waste that BoardThing decided to collect and creatively use following their passion. Canadian Maple, which boards are made of, is an extremely durable material that has a lot of aesthetic and utilitarian value. Inspired by that, BoardThing emerged and started creating handmade products from discarded skateboards.

BoardThing strives to popularize the ecological lifestyle and the 3 R's philosophy: reduce, reuse, recycle, as well as promote recycled art & skateboarding. Meanwhile, they opt for the creation of sustainable design and support tree-planting organizations, like

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