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cruelty-free sustainable design

from and for people who care


The Goodies

Ethics, sustainability and no cruelty. our products are hand-picked and carefully curated. We look for transparency in production processes, conscious manufacturing methods and creative design solutions.

We do not offer products involving leather, silk, wool or animal-bone-based glues. we support makers whose work is 100% cruelty-free. we support designers who pay their employees fair wages.



WOMB was born out of absence of options for those who do not want to buy poor-quality products created in shady conditions, leather and fur garments and accessories, easily breakable home ware, fabrics of uncertain origin, sewn by people who are not even paid for their labor. We wish to promote a new form of consumer consciousness for design – ethical, educated, sustainable.

WOMB is a brand for those who care. 



Come high-five us during those upcoming events:

1 dec - All in-Asia + Womb: things that HK Sustainability scene has shown us (at few marketplace)

7-9 dec - The Garden Gathering Marketplace curation, CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND

11 DEC - Prestige Christmas Fair at Conrad HK Grand Ballroom