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sustainable, ethical and vegan design

- from and for people who care


Our Roots

WOMB was born out of absence. The absence of options for those who do not want to buy cheap clothes made in South East Asia, leather and fur garments and accessories, easily breakable home ware, fabrics of uncertain origin, sewn by people who are not even paid for their labor. We wish to promote a new form of consumer consciousness for design – ethical, educated, sustainable.

WOMB is a brand for those who care. 


The Goodies

Ethics, sustainability and veganism - our products are hand-picked and carefully curated, in line with WOMB's ideology. We look for transparency in production processes, conscious manufacturing methods and creative creations.

We do not work with designers or studios who work with leather, silk, wool or use animal glues in their practice. We wish to support makers whose work is 100% cruelty-free.


about us

In 2016, we met in Beijing. Free flow of champagne and a brunch brought us together. It was early spring in Beijing’s 798 Art District where we both worked at the time. Art was the main topic but we quickly discovered that we both had passion for so much more (and we were both tired of our bosses). We decided to join what we know best and what we love most, and that’s how WOMB was born. 

We solely look for designers who respect the environment, materials and human labor, in order to make a statement together with them. We want to merge aesthetics, functionality and environmental consciousness and present a range of unique products as well as promote innovative design solutions and creative ideas.